FLCC Swimming Go Gators!
FLCC SwimmingGo Gators!

Swim Meet Survival Guide

Here are a few tips to make sure you and your swimmers are prepared for this season’s swim meets…


Arrive 30 minutes before your warm up time to get settled and check in with the coaches.


Write your events on your hand with a sharpie. Include Event, Event #, Heat #, and Lane #.


What to bring for the Meet: (In addition to your team suit, cap & goggles!)


2 large towels:  one to sit on and one to dry off with.


Pants/sweatshirt if it’s chilly to wear between events.


Healthy snacks such as Z Bars, granola gars, protein bars, fresh fruit, etc.


Water bottle or Gatorade.


Cards, notebook and pencils, iTouch, etc. to play between events.


What to bring for the Dinner Dance:


2 dry towels: one to dry off with after showering and one old one to step on in the locker room.


Toiletries for showering.


Large Ziploc bag for wet suit.


Nice outfit – dress, skirt, or dressy shorts for girls; nice shorts and collared shirt for boys.


General Info:


Try to rest or limit activity after practice so you are ready to swim fast!


Please stay in your suit on pool deck until the end of the meet.  Your teammates need you to cheer them on!


It’s up to you if you want to stay for dinner and dancing.  Most swimmers stay at least for dinner. 


Have fun!  Go Gators!

Swim Committee

Swim Chairs

Lisa Kamp

Dondra Elie

April Wiater



Jenny Klein



Dave Runyon



Kristen Bagley

David Bello



Gator Buddies - Tara Gatliff

Photo Wall - Theresa Solomon

Signs for Finals - Kelly DeSantos

Team Building - Tara Gatliff



Liz Runyon



Erika Vivio

Cara Orchard

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Chris Bagley  (bagel0248@gmail.com)

Assistant Coaches

Kelsey McNally

Reagan McNally


FLCC Records

Girls 8 & Under 100 IM

Ella Hall 132.04


Girls 8 & Under 25 Back

Ella Hall 18.74


Girls & Under 25 Free

Ella Hall 15.82


Girls 8 & Under 25 Fly

Ella Hall 17.99


Girls 11-12 50 FLY

Ellie Schrader 32.43


Girls 13-14 50 Back

GiGi Novak 31.42


Girls 13-14 50 Breast

Lauren Biglin 36.10


Girls 15-17 50 Breast

Rachel Bello 35.05


Boys 13-14 50 Breast

Joe Wiater 33.50


8 & Under Medley Relay

Ella Hall, Rachael Royer, Peter Biglin, Joe Wiater  1:22.99


Boys 11-12 50 FLY

Ian Allen  29.83


Boys 11-12 100 IM

Ian Allen 107.66


Boys 11-12 Free 

Ian Allen 27.48


Boys 11-12 50 Back

Ian Allen 31.44

SICSA Records 2015

Girls 15-17 Breast

Lauren Biglin 35.44

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